What are your thoughts about the new ticket system?

The ECBOE Technology Services Department is using a new ticket system, what are your thoughts about the new ticket system?

Love it....helping to keep us organized at ECMS

Excellent system!

This is great! Brian is doing a wonderful job and responds so quickly! :)

I think it is going to be okay.  When replies or an update is done to ticket, who sees it?

Streamlined communication is critical to the productivity of our IT staff.  With FreshDesk, we now have a web-based ticketing system to submit requests, thus reducing phone calls and time consuming stops in the hallway.  I will be anxious to hear ongoing feedback from teachers and staff on the effectiveness of FreshDesk and if it has had a significant impact on IT customer service.   

From a teacher's viewpoint, once I've entered a ticket, my needs have been taken care of quickly at ECMS (Thanks, Bruce!).  It also helps to not put one more thing on a third person who would have to enter the tickets for the entire school.  My experience with it has been very positive. 

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